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HowTo Flash Update Firmware Sony Xperia XA1 Plus G3421 Via Flashtool

Tutorial Flashing Update Firmware Sony Xperia XA1 Plus G3421 Via Sony Flashtool, For trouble like problem download errors, application force close, the touchscreen is not sensitive, exposed to the virus internal memory, loading a hang boot loop, until the hardbrick. As long Smartphone could be detected in computer. You can do fix problem Xperia XA1 Plus G3421 with flash firmware update. Below you can find the latest firmware for phones Immediately following his ways:

· How to Flash latest to Sony Xperia XA1 Plus G3421 Firmware

a) First of all, check your firmware version (if you already have the latest, you do not need this tutorial)

b) Download and install the latest Flashtool

c) Download the latest Firmware Xperia XA1 Plus G3421 Here all sony firmware here

d) Paste FTF file downloaded in step c) to the folder "Firmware" in the folder Flashtool

e) Open Flashtool, click on the flash and select the firmware was downloaded, click ok. Important - if you do not want to delete the data from your phone, simply uncheck userdata.sin. All data will remain in your phone, but sometimes it can cause additional problems. So it is better (and I recommend) to perform a backup of your personal data, continue with the installation clean and then restore your personal data.

f) Turn off your phone and when Flashtool show pop-up window, connect the phone to the PC by pressing the volume down key until the Led green color appears

g) After a few minutes all done and you get new firmware phone

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